For Doctors

Doctors find it particularly difficult to seek help. They may find it hard to access and feel comfortable with other health professionals. I am experienced in providing in depth consultations regarding stress, career development, work-life balance, anxiety and depression to medical colleagues in a non-judgmental, confidential setting.

Most GPs will be aware that CBT is the gold standard treatment for anxiety and depression. Learning these skills and applying them to oneself can be hugely beneficial. It is also a way of acquiring very useful tools which can be used to positive effect back at work within a medical consultation.

I am a great advocate of combining CBT with hypnosis. Learning to relax is easy with the right approach. It’s impossible to have two conflicting emotions at the same time – so if you are relaxed – you cannot be simultaneously anxious. Learning self-hypnosis can be very beneficial for you, your family, your patients and your colleagues! It creates focus and allows a deeper understanding of what you want and how you can go about achieving it.

GP Oxford:

‘I very much appreciate the time you have spent with me over the last few months and for your useful advice. I feel much more positive about continuing to make changes in the future and managing my anxieties surrounding my career and general practice.’


Link to article in the BMJ –


‘It doesn’t help to focus on what you don’t want because you’ll get what you don’t want. You get what you focus on – so find and focus on what you do want’