DSC_0013 (2)“Depressive Illness – The Curse of the Strong” by Dr Tim Cantopher

A brilliant short paperback book outlining why it’s often the most caring people that suffer with depression and how to learn to look after yourself and take responsibility for yourself as well as others.

“Manage Your Mind” by Gillian Butler and Tony Hope

A large handbook covering many topics and useful for patients and as a reference for health professionals.

“How to cope with Difficult People” by Alan Houel and Christian Godefroy

Do you feel you are walking on eggshells with certain people? This book has useful strategies for dealing with those people whether family, friends or work colleagues.

“The Chimp Paradox” by Dr Steve Peters

Dr Steve Peters is a medical doctor who also works as a sport psychologist and looked after the successful British Olympic Cycling Team. He takes a look at the ‘chimp’ part of us, how it can self-sabotage and encourages us to get together a ‘troop’  – a band of inspirational individuals who will help us move forward, set us on the right path and focus effectively in our lives.

“The Highly Sensitive Child” by Elaine N. Aron

Elaine Aron has written numerous books on the ‘Highly Sensitive’. This topic interests me as a GP as I see many ‘highly sensitive’ individuals who seem to have a hypersensitive nervous system affected by what they eat, medication, stress, changes in temperature, small changes in blood sugar, what people say to them etc. Some children are highly sensitive and it helps if we can understand and help them with their difficulties.

“Dying for a Drink” by Dr Tim Cantopher

A very human psychiatrist dealing with this common addiction.

“Quiet The Mind” by Matthew Johnstone

A picture book on mindfulness for all ages from the author of the best-selling Black Dog series.

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers

A well-thumbed book in many libraries explaining that avoidance just creates ‘fear of the fear.’

“Introducing CBT – A Practical Guide” by Elaine Iljon Foreman and Dr Clair Pollard

A small, compact companion to read on journeys outlining the principles of CBT in an easily understandable format.

“Coping With Chronic Fatigue” by Trudie Chalder

This paperback deals with this increasingly recognised disease – the ‘modern’ affliction of our time. It focuses on ways of coping with the physical, mental and emotional tiredness, pacing, how to communicate effectively with family and doctors, and looks at nutrition too.

“The Assertiveness Handbook” by Mary Hartley

Many of my patients lack assertiveness – many need it pointed out to them! This book helps the self-deprecating patient to understand that being assertive is about learning to be respected, about taking responsibility and avoiding passive – aggressive behaviour which is counter-productive.

“How to stop Worrying” by Dr Frank Tallis

A short, easy to read book by this well-known clinical psychologist explaining how to change a tendency to worry.  Worry and anxiety can be explained by evolution dating back to primitive times when we needed this response to plan and deal with potentially life-threatening danger and that this is, for the most part, now an outdated historic impulse.

“Stressed Unstressed”

A classic collection of carefully chosen poems to ease the mind.
The reading of poetry is one of the oldest remedies for stress. In this book everyone will find a poem or some words that will have a special meaning to them.

“Human Body”  (Horus Editions – Young Encyclopedia) by Dr Kate Barnes

A book written primarily for children and teenagers but also of interest to adults explaining how the human body works and now translated into various languages with clear, bold illustrations to complement the text.