University Blues

I am aware of an increasing number of university students coming my way and am always keen to find ways in which to help them to enjoy life and flourish at a time when they are often away from home for the first time.

We can only be happy if we have certain basic needs met; we have physical needs such as food, oxygen, water and sleep but we also have emotional needs and this is where students can struggle. Emotional needs include security, attention, emotional intimacy, creative challenge, self-esteem and achievement and also connection to something larger than oneself. So if you are at Uni. and haven’t yet developed solid friendships, if you are anxious about academic work, or avoid going out as you haven’t felt confident lately this can lead to feelings of desperation because the deep, emotional part of your brain knows that your basic human needs aren’t being met.

The desperation may present with feelings of self-doubt, lethargy, irritability, loss or increase in appetite and disrupted sleep and no pleasure in doing things that should be enjoyed. Doing your own shopping, washing and managing your schedule can also become challenging.

It can become hard to focus on academic work causing even more worry. You can learn to look at things differently and quickly turn things around with Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) and/or Hypnotherapy. This helps to build confidence and ensure you make the most of the opportunities that are on offer.

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