About Myself

I studied Medicine at Southampton having originally gained a place at Cambridge to read Music. Although I studied arts subjects for A level I had always had a desire to practise as a doctor as a way of reaching out to people and  ‘making a difference’. The thought of studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology – the usual requirements then for getting into medical school – did not seem inspiring. After some deliberation I studied French, German and Music for A level and then a change of heart led subsequently  to a Pre-Med year. I have always maintained that the communication skills gained from being a musician and a grasp of foreign languages is a great foundation and an important aspect to being an effective clinician, along with an excellent knowledge base, an innate interest in people and a good memory.

I have always loved variety and change and so chose General Practice. It is an endlessly fascinating branch of medicine if you like and take an interest in people and their families. It is a great privilege to be so closely involved with my patients and their health and I particularly enjoy being an educator whether of my patients, or other doctors or medical students.

I am married with 3 grown up sons. In the last few years I have been diagnosed with a Connective Tissue Disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It has changed my career direction and I am now focusing on improving awareness of this condition and providing a holistic approach to helping patients with diagnosis, management and onward referral where necessary.

APPOINTMENTS: TEL 020 7299 0385