What I treat

As a GP I see all health problems and am often sought for second opinions.
I am often able to make a swift diagnosis and treat.
If the problems are more complex this may involve further tests, and/or onward referral to a specialist for an expert review.
In cases of onward referral I am experienced in advising on the most highly skilled consultants in their field.

I can be particularly useful in addressing health problems where there may be an additional psychological component to ongoing symptoms using my unique skills.

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Here is a list of commonly encountered problems that I treat using a combination of my GP, CBT and hypnotherapy skills:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Phobias (all types)
• Sleep problems
• Panic
• Stress
• Self-esteem
• Anger
• Medically unexplained physical symptoms
• Managing and coping with chronic disease
• Managing and coping with sick relatives as a carer
• Weight Problems
• Pain
• Self-confidence
• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
• Migraine
• Skin conditions eg eczema, psoriasis
• Performance Anxiety including Psychosexual
• Children’s Problems such as bed-wetting, soiling
• Unwanted habits
• Sport Performance
• Fertility
• Pregnancy




I enjoy seeing and can help all age-groups.
My youngest patient has been 4 years old and my oldest 95!