Children and Hypnotherapy

It has been a pleasant surprise to me that so much of my time is now taken up  with children and their difficulties and struggles.  This has come about for 2 main reasons. Firstly the NHS Child and Adolescent Medical Services (CAMHS) are inundated with referrals and their care can be patchy and lack continuity. Secondly children respond brilliantly to a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapeutic approach and so my track record with success in helping children has created a niche. Children are a delight to work with as they have vivid imaginations and visualisation techniques work beautifully.They are generally curious rather than apprehensive about what we do. They often respond more quickly to treatment than more resistant adults and we can often achieve very positive results within a few sessions. The advent of smart phones and I-pods makes recording the sessions straightforward and they enjoy getting into the habit of listening whether at bedtime or in the car or school bus. Most of my work with children revolves around anxiety that may manifest with panic, OCD, and phobias.  Other problems encountered tend to be about breaking difficult habits and confidence issues. Sleep difficulties present commonly as well as problems with bullying and behaviour.  I also work with children who are struggling to focus on learning and are worried about exam performance.

Under normal circumstances I initially see the parent and child together but then may work with the child on their own with the parent next door. We would normally have a resume at the end where we draw conclusions about what we have done.


  1. Nice post about the children and yes, they have the more curiosity than others. They love to learn but also fear so we have to help them to forget the fear because children is the valuable assets in in any country.

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