testimonial 2From Patients:

Zac, Oxon

‘At 14 I became extremely ill with IBS like symptoms, and soon my physical illness then manifested into a mental one. Anxiety, fear, and doubt were quickly a part of everyday life along with my pain, and even the simplest of activities were now impossible for me.
Having seen multiple doctors and therapists over the course of a few years, I finally gave up and resigned myself to the fact that this would be my life. So two years later when Kate was recommended to me, I was extremely sceptical, yet only after a few sessions I could already see a vast difference in the way I thought about my pain, and how I lived my life.

Now only 6 months on my life has already changed dramatically. Kate showed me how to orientate my thinking, and as my confidence within myself has grown, the anxiety and pain has dissipated. Kate has truly given me my life back, and I finally have the freedom to live my life the way I want to.’

Mat, Bucks:

‘I was recommended to Kate by a family friend after I began to feel extremely anxious and mildly depressed following my graduation from university. I found myself stuck in a job I didn’t like and felt as if all control over my life had disappeared. Having never experienced any mental health problems before and fearing the worst I met with Kate, who calmly assured me that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and despite my initial scepticism, thankfully I was proven wrong. The techniques I was taught by Kate including CBT have enabled me to get my life back on track and I honestly cannot thank her enough. Without sounding too clichéd, Kate’s help and expertise has enabled me to have a new outlook on life and is something I would strongly recommend to anybody, whether they be suffering from a diagnosed mental health problem or not.’

Judith, Beds:

‘Today was the big test. With your words from the recordings of our sessions ringing in my ears I set off CALMLY and 16 miles, 30 minutes later I arrived at my destination – still calm!

So a HUGE thank you to you for “helping me get my life back” – I really feel I have turned a corner and feel so much better about driving to new places – who knows where next!!!

I will always be indebted to you for the help and support you have given me. Thank you seems hardly an adequate enough word…..’

JM, Bucks:

‘Kate helped me through a very difficult time in my life last year. I had been suffering with anxiety attacks resulting in severe bouts of IBS to the extent that I was becoming fearful of leaving the house and finding it difficult to carry on with my normal life. The fact that Kate, as a GP and a therapist, could understand both the physical and mental aspects of my anxiety was extremely useful. Through a combination of anti-depressants, CBT and hypnotherapy, I have learned to relax more, not to always fear the worst and develop a more positive approach to life and its various challenges. As a result, the IBS is under control and my life back on track.’

Clare, Chesham

‘When discussing my 14 year old son’s difficulty getting to sleep with a GP friend of mine she recommended I speak to Kate. He had two sessions with Kate. During the first session she talked to him in order to ensure there was no underlying issue making it difficult for him to get to sleep. The second session was very short and Kate recorded it and sent it to him so he could load it onto his i-pod. He now listens to it when going to sleep at night and he has not looked back since.

Kate put my son at ease from the start and I cannot thank her enough for making bedtime a problem free part of the day.’

SP, Bucks:

‘Kate’s holistic approach is outstanding. Bringing together her skills as a GP, CBT and hypnotherapy practitioner, she has helped me  deal with some complex health and psychological challenges. Most of all Kate’s genuine concern, and her ability to listen and empathise as a real person always made me feel as though I was being cared for as an individual. If all NHS GPs were like Kate it would be a world class institution.’

James, Amersham:

‘I have spoken with, and had treatment from, numerous mental health professionals over the course of the last 20 years, having suffered with social phobia, depression, BDD, bulimia and OCD. Having seen Kate over the last 6 months and beginning from a very desperate point, I can honestly say that she is the first and only person to truly make a difference for me: a view shared by my family. She takes a very holistic approach in her work and for me that involved addressing both the physiological and behavioural perspectives of my illnesses with a professional, yet empathetic manner: I am left with no doubt that she truly cares about the people that she helps.’

TF, Aylesbury:

‘I had been searching for some time for the reasons why I suffered a great deal with feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, inadequacy and a general loss of confidence, all causing me muscular pain and tiredness. I had been asking myself for some years what the cause of these feelings were, I’d questioned various aspects of my life and past events trying to find the answers that I needed with no success.

During my sessions with Kate we talked a great deal. Kate used a mix of hypnotherapy and CBT to help me understand my self-worth and value myself a great deal more than I had been doing. Kate also helped me with my confidence issues and has given me specific tools to guide me in the future when I come across the same problems. Kate also led me down the correct path which made me see for myself the underlying factors to all the problems I had been experiencing.  So thanks to Kate I am now on a slow path to discovering myself and gradually changing my life so that I can become the confident successful woman that I have always yearned to be.

Writing this testimonial has been another step forward in that direction. When Kate first asked me to do it my instant reaction was. Oh My God! Kate wants ME to do a testimonial for her website? How on earth am I going to do that? In CBT my instant reaction is known as a Negative Automatic Thought (NAT) something that happens on a regular basis for me.  Then something in my head automatically flipped my thought to, if Kate didn’t want you to do it and didn’t think you were capable she wouldn’t even have told you about her website let alone ask you to write for it.

And here is my testimonial and actual proof of CBT in action. I would recommend anyone to see Kate and give it a go. I am now quite excited about my future and have a much better chance of achieving what I hope to and being the person I want to be.’

ABN, Cambridge:

‘Dr Barnes was my GP when I suffered from Post Natal Depression after a traumatic birth experience with my second child. She suggested hypnotherapy and CBT in addition to taking anti-depressants to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety that I was experiencing as well as dealing with the PND. Both helped immensely and I was able to put this difficult period behind me feeling able to accept what had happened without feeling anxious any longer. The CBT gave me some useful insight into my thinking behaviour and I took away some skills that I can still use now in tricky situations. The hypnotherapy was relaxed and comforting and helped me process and deal with the traumatic experiences I’d had. Dr Barnes also recorded a cd of one of our hypnotherapy sessions which I could use at home. This was very useful and I used it in between sessions and for a while after if the need arose. Throughout this process, Dr Barnes made me feel at ease, listened to me and really seemed to want to help me get better. I would definitely recommend her to anybody else suffering from depression and anxiety.’

Philippa, London:

‘I saw Kate five times to help me cope better with generalised anxiety and am still benefiting a year later. Kate listened carefully and designed sessions which got to the heart of the issue.I was so inspired, I became a clinical hypnotherapist myself!’

LG, Sussex:

‘I was fortunate enough to meet Kate at a time in my life when I was most in need of help. I was having very bad anxiety attacks, feeling hopelessly confused and never being able to see things ever getting better, a feeling of constantly ‘treading water’. Kate listened and never judged, quite the opposite in fact.
Through hypnotherapy and compassion Kate has changed my life dramatically. I am a different person thanks to her with far more confidence and a totally different outlook on life. She helped me realise a bad day is just that (!) and it’s not the end of the world and we all have them.
I would recommend Kate 100% and can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me and continues to do with the techniques I have learnt from her.’

AB, Bucks:

‘I attended three hypnotherapy sessions with Kate Barnes for anxiety and it was a revelation:  relaxed, enjoyable, not spooky in any way.  Indeed it felt an entirely natural process and was very helpful.  The first session consisted mainly about talking through my issues – including feeling ready to cease taking medication but being nervous about doing so – and that discussion process continued in the other two.  That process in itself is very helpful.  It is now 3 months since my last appointment and the benefits continue, assisted by the two recordings which Kate made for me to use at home.’

Emma, Bucks:

‘We can’t thank Kate enough for the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions she had with our 8 year old daughter.  We have seen Kate over the period of about 18 months and every time Daisy was more than happy to spend time with Kate on a one to one basis. Kate’s calm, approachable & sympathetic nature worked wonders for our anxious little girl, who has come on leaps & bounds since her sessions.  I would highly recommend Kate to anyone requiring this kind of therapy.  As our family now say “It’s time to see Kate, to wave her magic wand!’

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