‘Day in The Life Of’ Pulse Magazine January 2015

Dr Kate Barnes explains how CBT and medical hypnotherapy influence her part-time work http://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/your-practice/working-life/practising-medical-hypnosis/20008798.article#.VJlo3rDH3E … [Read more...]

September 2014 – Woman and Home Magazine

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December 6th 2013 – Prima website quote:

Dr Kate Barnes, a practising GP with a special interest in hypnotherapy, says:  ‘Once I’ve ruled out a physical cause and taken note of any medication that could be aggravating the problem I find that stress factors commonly predominate. These stressors can range from performance anxiety, … [Read more...]

Article taken from The Daily Mail on Tuesday, July 30 2013

Written by Karen Evennett. Link to original article: Mail Online Comment from Mail Online: I think the doctor discussing hypnotherapy explains it beautifully. Hypnosis involves a deep form of focused relaxation and therefore it is great for issues such as anxiety, fears and phobias, IBS, Stress. … [Read more...]

Children and Hypnotherapy

It has been a pleasant surprise to me that so much of my time is now taken up  with children and their difficulties and struggles.  This has come about for 2 main reasons. Firstly the NHS Child and Adolescent Medical Services (CAMHS) are inundated with referrals and their care can be patchy and lack … [Read more...]

What is Hypnosis?

In the course of a day we enter hypnotic states many times, for example day dreaming about what we would like to do in the future or re-­experiencing pleasant events from the past. Another example is being absorbed in a book or a film. Hypnotic states occur in the car when you can’t remember … [Read more...]

Integrated Medicine Article in Amersham Life April 2013

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